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Accommodated Tours in Dar Es Salaam

Our selection of budget accommodated overland tours in Dar Es Salaam have a good range of hand-picked accommodations. Accommodated overland tour lodgings include hotels, hostels, permanent safari tents and or even traditional huts. Travellers still have an authentic bush experience while keeping an added level of comfort.

About Accommodated Overland Tours Dar Es Salaam

Accommodation options tend to be fairly simple with hostels and backpackers being the most common lodging on accommodated tours in Dar Es Salaam. Bathrooms are usually shared and facilities like lounges and eating areas are generally communal which adds a fun atmosphere.

Dar Es Salaam Accommodated Overland Tours

Dar Es Salaam accommodation is usually either 3-4 sleeper rooms. Room upgrades are available at a reasonable cost but may not always be available. Some lodgings may have bedding and towels but it is best to bring your own as not all accommodations are equipped. Sharing bathrooms and space is part of the Dar Es Salaam accommodated tours experience - if you're happy to share space then this will be a fun adventure.

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