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Cape Aghulas Budget Travel

Cape Aghulas is situated where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet, on the southern most point of the African continent.

Cape Aghulas budget travel is highly recommended on any Cape experience, and offers a unique chance to see the point where two oceans meet.

Cape Aghulas Budget Safaris

Cape Aghulas is just south of Cape Town in South Africa.

Known as the "Graveyard of the ships" due to the strong waves this dangerous section of coast has shipwrecked approximately 130 ships since 1673.

Aside from its history and wild seas, Cape Aghulas also offers breathtaking scenery and natural splendour, with incredible views and excellent photographic opportunities for visitors to enjoy.

Cape Aghulus budget safari highlights include the museum, which documents the rich history of the area; Aghulas Bank which is considered the best fishing grounds in South Africa; walking and hiking trails and the Aghulas National Park which gives visitors a chance to witness the local Khoi-khoi cultural traditions.

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