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Etosha National Park Budget Travel

At just under 23,000 sq.km, Etosha National Park is the jewel in the Namibia National Park crown and a huge part of the great Kalahari Basin.

Smack in the middle of this popular park is the Etosha Pan. This huge ‘salt’ pan actually has a very low level of salt in it – the glaring, white expanse being made up of numerous different minerals dried out in the sun.

Etosha National Park budget travel adventures are a highlight of any Nambian trip and is not to be missed.

Etosha National Park Budget Safaris

No Namibia travel experience would be complete without a trip to Etosha.

Home to a variety of mammal species, Etosha National Park is also home to many bird species, 110 reptile species and 16 amphibian species.  Not to mention the famous ‘Big 5’ (Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and Rhino)!

Etosha National Park budget safaris stay at a choice of 3 well maintained and well equipped camp sites. All camps have swimming pools where Overlanders can cool off during the heat of the day and accessible floodlit watering holes where many animals come to drink in the milder evenings.

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