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Rhino Poaching Solutionby Dalene Ingham-Brown

According to News24, in hope of reducing rhino poaching numbers, rhino horn is now being treated with a special mixture that is harmless to the animal, but poisonous to humans. After a rhino was poached in the Rhino and Lion Reserve in Kromdraai, north-west of Johannesburg, the reserve decided to take the rhino by the horns and do something about it.


Photo by Jeremy Doorten

The reserve has created a special mixture to treat their rhino’s horns with. The solution is a combination of drugs which kill parasites living on the surface of the horn and which actively protects for about three to four years. If a human consumes a horn which has been treated with the potion, it can cause severe headaches and convulsions, however, the mixture isn’t poisonous enough to prove lethal. “Add to that mixture a neon pink indelible dye and you have a horn visible on an X-ray scanner at airports. It shows up pink even when finely ground” Rhino and Lion Reserve spokesperson Lorinda Hern, told reporters. If used, this will put a stop to poachers who travel to Africa specifically to rob us of our already dwindling natural resource.

Since January 1,2011, poachers have killed more than 280 rhinos in South Africa. It’s great to see that possible solutions to combatting this terrible crime, are rearing their head so that when tourists travel to Africa to see our continent's Big 5, they actually get to see them.

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