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8 Turkey ‘Things To Do Before You Die’by Tania Wheeler

Too much to see and do and only a limited time to do it? We have the top 8 Turkey activities nailed down for you be it adventure, history or 'chill out' based!


River Rafting Turkey has plenty of rivers perfect for rafting. The top two choices are the beautiful and exciting, but safe and easy, Köprüçay near Antalya, and the wild and dangerous Çoruh near Erzurum (for experienced rafters only). Spelunking Turkey is well known for its wondrous and majestic underground paradises. With vast underground lakes, churches and cisterns, stalactites and stalagmites, these caves are an entirely different world just waiting for you to explore!

Diving Turkey

Diving The Mediterranean Coast of Turkey offers a number of dive destinations abundant with marine life, beautiful reefs, shipwrecks and cave dives for SCUBA divers of all experience levels. Dive amidst schools of Parrotfish, Moray Eels, Octopus or Amberjack and on occasion you may even come across dolphins. Snow, Ski’s and Spas Winter vacations in Turkey have become popular and more affordable than the ski centres of central Europe. While there are many ski resorts to choose from in Turkey, Mount Uludag, near Bursa, is arguably the one of the best.


Gulet Cruise on the Aegean Sea Cruise on a Gulet (yacht) along Turkey's Aegean or Mediterranean shores. These sturdy motor-sailers are built for comfort, not speed, with wide decks and lots of room. The crew cooks your meals with today's fish caught fresh and infused bay leaves collected from shore. Windsurfing Several locations along Turkey's Aegean coast draws windsurfers (sailboarders) from around the world because of their excellent conditions. Alaçati, at the tip of the Çesme peninsula west of Izmir, is a protected bay with a sandy bottom, very few rocks and combined with reliable, steady wind make this a windsurfing paradise.


Pamukkale Day Tour Visit the Pamukkale Hierapolis. In Pamukkale you will see the Cotton Cliffs, one of the natural wonders of the world, formed by deposits of calcareous salts. People have bathed in its pools for thousands of years and it is popularly believed that the waters of Pamukkale are beneficial for the heart, circulation, nerves, kidneys, rheumatic, and paralytic disorders, and that they condition the skin.

Underground City

Explore the underground cities of Cappadocia There are scores of these underground cities some reaching up to 40 meters in depth. Only a few have been opened for tourists including the caves at Kaymakli, Tatlarin and Derinkuyu. You can spend the day exploring Cappadocia underground where they have discovered sites big enough to fit 50,000 people.

For overland trips in Turkey and budget holidays to Turkey or for more Turkey highlights contact the team at OverlandingAfrica.com or post your comments below.

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