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Great Zimbabwe Ruins Budget Travel

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins are a famous landmark situated in the town of Masvingo in Zimbabwe.

These majestic ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the main ruins of a series of smaller ruins across the Zimbabwe Lowveld.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins budget travel is a highlight of any Zimbabwe tour, and allows a chance to explore a huge part of the country’s history and appeal.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins Budget Safaris

While Zimbabwe’s current economic and political crisis make it impossible for Great Zimbabwe Ruins budgt safaris, it is still possible to experience the wonders of these majestic ruins – especially by visiting with an overland tour as part of an overall Zimbabwe exploration.

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins were built consistently throughout the period from the 11th century to the 15th century, and are considered to be some of the oldest and largest structures in Southern Africa.

The ruins are made up of large towers and structures built out of millions of stones balanced perfectly on top of one another without the aid of mortar. Great Zimbabwe gave modern Zimbabwe its name, as well as its national emblem - the eagle carved out of soapstone carved into the ruins.

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