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Bujagali Falls Budget Travel

The remarkable Bujagali Falls are situated close to Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake and the source of the Nile River.

Bujagali Falls budget travel tours include walks around the amazing falls, as well as boating and horse back tours.

Bujagali Falls Budget Safaris

Bujagali Falls budget safaris offer a thrilling glimpse into this wild and beautiful area.

The vegetation layering the banks and islands attracts diverse bird life and a variety of fish.

The cascade that forms the first big step is called Bujagali Falls and it is here that the river splits into seven channels which is a must see for any Ugandan Overland Tour.

The beauty of the Bujagali Falls has been visited by humans for thousands of years and the intoxicating roar of a million litres of water per second fills the air.

For the Busoga people who live on the east bank of the Nile, Bujagali has been a sacred site for generations. Local residents believe that this is the site of the “Spirit of Bujagali”, who protects the community by performing rituals at the falls.

The ‘doctor’ who is over 90-years-old, only uses natural ingredients and many people report to have seen him walk over the water.

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