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Troy Budget Travel

For an unforgettable exploration into ancient history and culture, Troy budget travel offers a chance to explore one of the most fascinating destinations in all of Eurasia. The ancient ruined city of Troy (Truva) is situated in Turkey. The ruins present a fascinating glimpse into ancient history. Troy is the home of the Trojan Horse legend, and is a World Heritage site.  The ruins at Troy are considered one of the most important archaeological sites in the world.

Troy Budget Safaris

Troy budget safaris are a must for any traveler who appreciates history, mythology and ancient culture. Troy was a thriving city, in real life and legends, that was located in northwest Anatolia in what is now Turkey - southeast of the Dardanelles and beside Mount Ida. This site is best known for being the focus of the famous Trojan War mentioned in the Greek Epic Cycle, and especially in the Iliad, which was one of the two epic poems attributed to Homer. The site offers a unique and highly unforgettable chance to explore one of the most ancient historical sites in the world, along the coast of Turkey.

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