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About Olympos

Famous for its flame-spewing rocks, beautiful beach, pine forest and tree-house hotels as well as its ancient marble ruins amidst its thick forests, Olympos budget travel offers a fascinating destination in the stunning Mediterranean region of Turkey.


Olympos airports include:
•Antalya International Airport
•GazipaÅŸa Airport (under construction)


As a highly important and significant natural heritage site, Olympos conservation is essential to preserve the remains of the ruins found in this region. The surrounding woods and forest are also valuable in terms of environmental impact, and as the area is mostly protected as part of the Olympos Coastal National Park, preservation efforts are in place to protect the natural heritage of the region.


Olympos cultures include the following aspects:
•Greek history
•Roman history


Health precautions in Olympos include the following:
•It is best to avoid tap water, and stick to bottled water
•Vaccinations are essential when travelling to Turkey
•Medical facilities are not found in Olympos, with health care facilities only found in towns nearby


Olympos languages include:


Olympos money & banking information includes the following:
•Some hotels may accept credit cards, but most do not
•There are no banking facilities in Olympos, be prepared before leaving for this destination
•Travellers cheques are very hard to exchange, make sure you do this before leaving for Olympos
•The Turkish currency is the New Turkish Lira
•Banknotes come in 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Lira denominations
•The Lira consists of 100 Kurus


Olympos people include:


Olympos local phrases include:
•Merhaba (Mer-ha-ba) Hello
•Gunaydin (guen-eye dhun) Good morning
•Evet (Eh-vet) Yes
•Hayir (h-eye-uhr) No
•Lutfen (lewt-fen) Please


Olympos plants comprise of typical Mediterranean vegetation that is found in this part of Turkey, with forests, woodlands and scrub being the most common vegetation found in and around the area. Common plants include wild grapevines, flowering oleander, bay trees, wild figs and pines.


Olympos religion includes the following:

Safety Tips

•As a popular tourist destination, Olympos is safe for travel
•Scams can occur however, especially for single travellers, be on the lookout for suspicious activity
•Some of the ruins may not be too stable, be careful when exploring these ruins
•Take care on beaches and when participating in water sports
•Be careful when hiking in the area and never hike alone


Olympos local transport includes:
•Mini bus

Travel Books

Olympos recommended travel books include:
•Olympos: A Pirate's Town in Lycia by Ebru Parman
•Turkey Travel Map by Globetrotter
•Lonely Planet Turkey Country Guide by Tom Brosnahan and James Bainbridge
•Turkey Insight Guide by Reinhard Bockhorni

What To Buy

What to buy for holidays in Olympos:
•Spare batteries for torches and camera
•Guide books, bird books, Turkish phrase books
•Thick socks for hiking boots
•First aid kit for travel purposes
•Large refillable water bottle, or plenty of bottled water
•Backpack and money bag

What To Pack

What to pack for safari in Olympos:
•Sunscreen, sunhat and sunglasses
•Lightweight clothing for hot days
•Warm jacket for cooler days
•Bathing suit and towels
•Snorkeling gear
•Comfortable walking shoes plus sandals
•Camera with spare batteries and memory card/film

When To Go

When to go to Olympos:
•Spring has the best weather, with long days and less tourists
•Autumn has mild weather, with shorter days and more rain
•Summer is hot and dry, with clear weather and more tourists
•Winter is typically cold and wet, with few tourists


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