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About Istanbul

As one of the largest cities in Europe, and the most culturally and historically fascinating city in ancient days of old, Istanbul budget travel gives you a taste of this beautiful and exotic city that dates back to the ancient world.


Istanbul airports include the following:
•Atatürk International Airport
•Sabiha GökçenInternational Airport


With many serious environmental issues at hand, Istanbul conservation is something of a challenge to address the urgent eco disasters that threaten the city's remaining plant life and ecosystems.


Turkey culture comprises of the following elements:
•Food and drink
•History and ancient influence
•Nightlight and entertainment
•Everyday life


Health precautions in Istanbul include the following:
•It is best to avoid tap water, and stick to bottled water
•Vaccinations are essential when travelling to Istanbul
•Food can be on the rich side, so tummy bugs can occur
•Medical facilities are modern and readily available


Istanbul languages include the following:
•Kurdish, Zaza, Arabic, Laz
•Albanian, Bosnian, Pomak/Bulgarian


Istanbul money & banking information is as follows:
•The Turkish currency is the New Turkish Lira
•Banknotes come in 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Lira denominations
•The Lira consists of 100 Kurus
•Banking hours are 8.30 am-12.30 pm and 1.30 pm-5 pm, Monday to Saturday.
•Euros and Dollars can be easily exchanged at banks, post offices and foreign exchange bureaux


Istanbul people include the following groups:


Istanbul local phrases include the following:
•Merhaba (Mer-ha-ba) Hello
•Gunaydin (guen-eye dhun) Good morning
•Evet (Eh-vet) Yes
•Hayir (h-eye-uhr) No
•Lutfen (lewt-fen) Please


As a large, over populated city, Istanbul plants are fairly limited. Much of the native vegetation of the area has been destroyed by pollution and urban development, with a few trees and plants remaining throughout the city.


Istanbul religion includes the following:

Safety Tips

•Istanbul is generally a safe city for travel, with friendly locals to be found in every part of the city
•Petty crime can occur however, especially in the busier parts of the city
•Scams can occur, especially for single travellers, be on the lookout for suspicious activity
•Be careful when crossing busy streets, as accidents can sometimes happen in the busier cities
•Keep valuables out of sight and locked away where possible to avoid the risk of cameras or bags being snatched


Istanbul transport includes:
•Mini bus (dolmus)

Travel Books

Istanbul recommended travel books include:
•Eyewitness Top 10 Istanbul by DK Publishing
•Turkey: The Rough Guide by Rosie Ayliffe, Marc Dubin and John Gawthrop
•Turkey Travel Map by Globetrotter
•Lonely Planet Turkey Country Guide by Tom Brosnahan and James Bainbridge

What To Buy

What to buy for holidays in Istanbul:
•Spare batteries for torches and camera
•Guide books, bird books, Turkish phrase books
•Thick socks for hiking boots
•First aid kit for travel purposes
•Large refillable water bottle, or plenty of bottled water
•Backpack and money bag

What To Pack

What to pack for safari in Istanbul:
•Sunscreen, sunhat and sunglasses
•Lightweight clothing for hot days
•Warm jacket for cooler days
•Comfortable walking shoes plus sandals
•Camera with spare batteries and memory card/film

When To Go

When to go to Istanbul:
•Spring has the best weather, with long days and less tourists
•Autumn has mild weather, with shorter days and more rain
•Summer is hot in most regions, with clear weather and more tourists
•Winter is typically cold and wet, with snow in parts and the few tourists


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