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Africa Safari Tours

Well, you found it, our backpack that’s stuffed with every flavour of the Africa overland tours we offer. Welcome!

If you’ve got the curiosity of a meerkat and the adventurous streak of a bumble bee then you’re going to love getting your jaws stuck into the variety of trips we have to offer you.

While you’re navigating your way through these Africa overland tours you’ll come across all sorts. We’ve got camping tours, accommodated tours, family tours, short breaks, small group tours and trans-Africa safari tours.

Camping Africa Safari Tours

Africa safari camping tours are exactly that – tours that have you camping for the duration of your trip through Africa. It does happen where you’ll come across a campsite that has chalets or dorms, and if there’s space and you feel like you could really do with a night's sleep on a bed, then you’re just an ‘upgrade’ away.

Accommodated Africa Overland Tours

This type of Africa overland tour means that you don’t need to camp. No tents, no zips, no canvas-thin walls every night. This type of accommodation isn’t luxurious though. Your accommodation is usually a standard chalet, hotel, lodge or dorm room.

Family Africa Overland Tours

These trips are great for family bonding! The tour company offering the Africa overland tour has given the thumbs-up that kids under 18 can hop on the truck. Plus, we've got a variety of great Africa budget holidays to choose from.

Short Breaks in Africa

If you don’t have a lot of time, but are yearning for a glimpse of that African sunset (and the wildlife that bask in it) then you’re probably going to be looking for Africa overland trips under this umbrella.

Small Group Africa Safari Tours

Overland trucks usually hold about twenty-four passengers. If this size group is a little too large for your taste, that’s okay, just browse through the safari tours of Africa we have on offer that trundle half the amount of passengers around the continent. Problem solved.

Trans-Africa Safari Tours

These Africa safari tours are big-daddy trips. If trips were wildlife, these trips would be elephants. They’re the lengthy Africa overland trips that have adventurous souls packing their life into a backpack and travelling overland style for four months and longer. Can you handle the challenge?