Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Mumbai

The land of Mumbai is known for its seashores, busy life, and other soulful experiences. But there are tales about paranormal activities happening around the city. Some places can change your beautiful experience into a horrible one. In India, paranormal activities hold deep roots. Everyone loves to listen to old ghost stories that give them thrills and chills. Here are some gut-wrenching, creepy, and scary locations in Mumbai that are better left unvisited for goodness.

Aarey Milk Colony Road, Goregaon East

This incredibly beautiful green spot in the city happens to be the most haunted place in Mumbai. In the day, it is like any other spot. But at night it can give you unforgettable experiences. For years people have reported that they saw a lady in white saree following their cars. Others said that they saw an injured woman by the roadside crying and weeping in pain and she disappeared as soon as someone came around her.

Mukesh Mills Pvt. Ltd., Narayan A Sawant Road, Colaba

Mukesh Mills were burnt and abandoned decades ago, and it was established during the 1870s by Muljibhai Madhvani and was the only operational mill in south Mumbai. This location is used for ads and film shoots. But after dusk, the cast and crew are quick to pack up because their consciousness gives them instincts about the presence of dark energy around.

People have not reported ghost sightings, but they often feel that someone is always watching them, and mysterious dark shadows flit around. There is an incident about a film actress who was shooting there, and suddenly she started warning everyone to leave that place. It is believed that dark spirits have possessed her.

Nasserwanj Wadi, Gabriel Road, Mahim

Locals say that this old compound was once owned by a Parsi Gentleman named Nasserwanji. The gentleman was murdered (burned alive) and buried in a well. There are rumors that his spirit is not in peace and roaming around to take revenge from the culprits who murdered him. The place is considered to be cursed after more than seven people died here under mysterious circumstances. Even locals avoid going around this place after sunset.

St, John’s Baptist Church, Seepz Road D, Andheri (E)

This abandoned church lies in ruins and happens to be a haunted spot. There are tales that a bride was found dead under unknown circumstances. The priest suggests that either she committed suicide or has been murdered after that here, the spirit was not at peace, and she started to haunt the place. In an attempt to get rid of the evil spirit, a priest was called to perform an exorcism.

The day the process of Exorcism happened, various terrific incidents occurred as people reported hearing the crazy laughter, sobbing, and shrieking wail sound before a big splash took place in the pond nearby. On the next day, fishes in the lake were found mysteriously dead. No one knows whether the ghost of the bride still haunts the place or not. Therefore, everyone avoids visiting the church to prevent the mishappening.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali (E)

National parks are known for providing soothing experiences to our souls. They help us to create a bond with nature, but Sanjay Gandhi National Park turns out to be the most haunted place in Mumbai after dusk. Besides getting lost in the Jungle, visitors and guards reported that they felt that someone was tracking them. Locals saw a hitchhiker in white saree begging for a ride from passing cars. It is also in rumors that Kanheri caves are the most haunted place here.

These were some popular locations of paranormal activities in the city of dreams and the city that never sleeps. You should never pay a visit to these places to have a trill. As accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, therefore, you should avoid such visits.

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