Top 5 Most Haunted Places in Hyderabad

The land of Hyderabad is known for its world-famous Biryani, Hyderabadi accent, busy technology life, and other soulful experiences. But there are tales about paranormal activities happening around the city.

Some places can change your beautiful experience into a horrible one. In India, paranormal activities hold deep roots. Everyone loves to listen to old ghost stories that give them thrills and chills. Here are some gut-wrenching, creepy, and scary locations in Mumbai that are better left unvisited for goodness –

Shamshabad Airport

It is rumored that Shamshabad Airport was constructed on the land where several innocents were killed and buried for protesting against the construction of the airport. Since they were killed brutally, their souls are not in peace, and hence victims haunt the place.

Airport staff complained that they noticed a man whose neck rotated 360 degrees, which is impossible to do for a normal human being. Also, a Qatar Airways Pilot saw a lady in white saree dancing around at night on the runway. He even applied the brakes to avoid mishappening and later went to the spot to investigate and found nothing.

Graveyard on Road 12, Banjara Hills

Banjara hills are India’s one of the most expensive localities. But besides that, it is also a spot of paranormal activities. Fourteen roads segregate Banjara Hills, but road number 12 that houses the graveyards is where no one wants to visit, especially at night.

It is a rumor that spirits stop the vehicle and lead to several mishappenings. Here flickering of street light is universal. There is an instant drop in temperature when you take this road, and lights mysteriously go off.

Golkonda Fort

It was constructed in the 13th century by the Kakatiyas, ruler of Andhra Pradesh. The entry in the fort is prohibited after the dusk and visitors are not allowed to stay inside. It is a rumor that the queen of the kingdom, Taramurti, still haunts the fort, and her spirit is not in peace yet. Many people have seen the ghost of Taramurti dancing around in the fort and heard screams and howls of someone crying in pain.


It is a posh area in Hyderabad whose reputation is deformed by the haunted house where a woman lived with her two daughters. According to locals, the women and her two daughters were seen moving around with a candle and even claim to have seen the two daughters playing with bottles filled with blood.

Once a thief entered the house and saw dead bodies of the mother and her two daughters. Postmortem reports signify that the authorities were around six months old while neighbors saw the trio almost every day.

Ramoji Film City

It is the second-largest integrated film city in India. This film city stands on land belonging to Nizams. It is a rumor that spirits of soldiers who died here in war during the time of Nizams, still haunt the place. Many visitors observed strange Urdu words scribbled on mirrors and claimed that they were pushed from heights by some invisible forces.

There are many incidents which signify the presence of paranormal activities like light falling off suddenly and crew losing the balance. A funny and scary rumor is that the ghosts of Ramoji Film city seem attracted to women. Dancers and Actresses observed unnatural presence in their green room. Disturbing stories of women’s clothes being ripped have been circulating for a long time.

These were some popular locations of paranormal activities in the city of the IT industry. You should never pay a visit to these places to have a trill. As accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, therefore, you should avoid such visits.

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