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Ready for Klouto? It's a stunning mountain region in Togo that's the perfect adventure for nature lovers. Klouto's lush scenery, butterfly walks, hikes and bird watching are major attractions of the area.

Klouto vegetation

A beautiful day for a nature walk in Togo's Klouto.

Image by Sara&Joachim

Klouto locals

Locals getting around, the way they always do... on foot.

Image by Sara&Joachim

Klouto butterfly

Just wait until you experience the Klouto butterflies. Keep your camera close.

Image by Sara&Joachim

Klouto landscape

A beautiful view out over Klouto's thriving vegetation as the sun retires for the day.

Image by Sara&Joachim

Klouto kids by Overlanding Africa

Meet the Klouto locals!

Image by Overlanding Africa

Klouto offers nature lovers and adventurists the opportunity to explore the area's unique natural highlights.

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Lome just happens to be the capital city of Togo, and the fascinating city of blended culture. A few items that have always made it on a traveller's to-do list while in the area include a visit to the Lomé Grand Market, the Togo National Museum, Palais de Congrés, the Voodoo market, Lomé Cathedral and the city's nearby beaches.

Streets of Lome

Streets of Lome are walked by many people of different cultures.

Image by Panoramas

Lome port

Here we have a photo of Lome's very own working port.

Image by Jeff Attaway

Fetish market

If you're up for it, why not head down to Lome's Voodoo market?

Image by Julius

Lome locals

A few friendly Lome locals give the camera big smile and make travellers feel welcome.

Image by Julius

Lome beach

When you've had enough of the busy city, head down to Lome beach for a breath of fresh air.

Image by Panoramas

Lome is definitely an unual destination with a variety of unique attractions... but that's the appeal, isn't it.

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