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Camping Tours in Zanzibar Island

On our budget camping safaris in Zanzibar Island you will spend your nights in a tent or banda at one of the lodges or resorts on the island. These are ideal for bush travelers, and are usually situated right on the beach.

About Camping Safaris Zanzibar Island

Campsites on camping tours in Zanzibar Island are idyllic - often situated right on the beach, rooms are very basic, but there are usually bars, lounges and swimming pools in the lodge or resort, and the scenery is spectacular with azure waters, endless white sands and palm trees as far as the eye can see. Camping safaris in Zanzibar Island are as close to tropical paradise you can get on a budget.

Zanzibar Island Camping Safaris

Never been camping in Zanzibar Island? Camping tours in Zanzibar Island are perfect for new campers, and a great way to slowly get used to camping without having to worry about tents just yet.

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