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Camping Tours in Serengeti National Park

On our budget camping safaris in Serengeti National Park you will sleep in a 2 man dome tent, which is mozzi-proof and waterproof, and fairly comfortable. You will need to bring a sleeping bag and a camping mattress - a torch is also a good idea.

About Camping Safaris Serengeti National Park

Campsites vary on camping safaris in Serengeti National Park. Generally, most camp sites are situated within tourist areas, so camp site facilities standards are average to good. Some areas within the park are not safe for camping due to the dangerous game in the area, but designated safe camping areas will be where you will set up camp. Expect amazing views, close range game such as zebra and antelope, and an authentic African camping experience under the stars.

Serengeti National Park Camping Safaris

Never been camping in Serengeti National Park? You'll be shown how to set up your tent, and crew will be on hand to answer and questions. Remember to follow camp rules, and never leave the campsite area alone - there are dangerous predators out there!

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