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Accommodated Tours in Serengeti National Park

The budget accommodated overland tours in Serengeti National Park give travellers a wider selection of lodging options. Options most commonly found on accommodated tours in Serengeti National Park include chalets, bungalows, permanent safari tents and sometimes even traditional huts. While they may not be high-end luxury, rooms are comfortable and adequately equipped for a good night's sleep.

About Accommodated Overland Tours Serengeti National Park

Accommodated tours in Serengeti National Park offer basic, simple accommodation with shared facilities. You could share your room with anything from 1 to 3 other people,and upgrades can be requested depending on space availability.

Serengeti National Park Accommodated Overland Tours

Serengeti National Park accommodated tours do not always provide bedding, although the more 'touristy' lodges will always be well-equipped. Be prepared, and bring sleeping bag just in case. For a real taste the community spirit in Africa, accommodated overland tours are highly recommended - plus there's the added perk of a roof over your head and a hot shower!

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