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Vanrhynsdorp Budget Travel

Vanrhynsdorp budget travel is easy; the picturesque town of Vanrhynsdorp is in a quiet part of the Western Cape, a popular rest-spot between Namibia and Cape Town, and is perfect for a relaxed holiday enjoying the natural surroundings. Vanrhynsdorp is situated at the heart of three botanical kingdoms, and is renowned for the succulents, 500 species of which can be found in the local succulent garden, rolling fields of wildflowers in Spring and Cape Fynbos. The town has a rich history as a human settlement, the area being inhabited by the Khoi-Khoi for centuries until Dutch settlers developed a small village as a farming town and refreshment centre for travelers. Vanrhynsdorp is a town of contrasts in the surrounding scenery, and is ideal for experiencing calming, natural South Africa while enjoying local hospitality and cuisine.

Vanrhynsdorp Budget Safaris

Vanrhynsdorp budget safaris offer a host of attractions; the town is the heart of the Cape floral kingdom and is incredibly beautiful the whole year round. Vanrhynsdorp offers tranquil surroundings and stunning views, as well as being a unique part of historically diverse South Africa.  Below is useful information to help you prepare for your Vanrhynsdorp backpacking tour.

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