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About Vanrhynsdorp

Vanrhynsdorp budget travel offers the best of is a quiet town in the middle of the breathtakingly beautiful Namaqualand region of the Western Cape and has loads of short day activities in stunning natural surroundings.


Vanrhynsdorp HIV/AIDS basic precautions include the following: • Don't ever share needles or syringes • Practice safe sex at all times • Equipment should be sterilized • If you require self-administered injections, take an adequate supply of your own needles • Avoid tattoos, acupuncture treatment or body piercing from suspect or unsterile operators


Vanrhynsdorp airports include the following: • Cape Town International Airport


Vanrhynsdorp birds are unique. It is possible to see migrating birds such as flamingoes and ducks, as well as ostriches which are farmed locally. Some notable species you may see as you explore the surrounding area are: Ludwigs's Bustard, the Cape eagle owl, blackheaded canaries and the ground woodpecker. A Barlow's Lark may also be seen. The wide open plains require binoculars for spotting as many species as possible.


Vanrhynsdorp conservation is vital, as many species of wildflowers, fynbos, succulents, birds and animals are found only in this region. There are protected National Park areas, and also many local private reserves and game farms which strive to maintain the sustainability of indigenous species. Smuggling of animals such as the tortoise and snake species is not uncommon, and the region is patrolled by National Park staff, who have been known to do spot checks on vehicles.


Vanrhynsdorp culture includes the following:
•Local farms offering wine-tasting
•Small pubs and eateries
•Local cuisine including delicious traditional food
•Nature activities for birdwatchers and flower-enthusiasts
•Sporting events and activities


Vanrhynsdorp health facilities are fairly rudimentary. There are a couple of local doctors and a small clinic and pharmacies available, but no major health care centres. However, with safe drinking water, no malaria and very few major health risks, Vanrhynsdorp visits are generally fuss-free.


Vanrhynsdorp languages include the following: • Afrikaans • English • Xhosa


Vanrhynsdorp money and banking information includes: • Banks are open Monday to Friday from 9h00 ' 15h00, and Saturdays from 8h30-11h30 • ATMs can be found in the town • Foreign exchange should be done in one of the larger local towns or cities • Credit and debit cards are widely accepted at almost all shops, hotels and restaurants


Vanrhynsdorp people include the following groups: • Coloured • Black Africans • Whites


Vanrhynsdorp local phrases include the following: • Molo ' Hello (Xhosa) • Enkosi ' Please (Xhosa) • Kunjanj ' How are you (Xhosa) • Gooie dag ' Good day (Afrikaans) • Please ' Asseblief (Afrikaans)


After the winter rains, a massive wildflower carpet spreads out across the area: Vanrhynsdorp plants are world-renowned. The biggest collection of indigenous succulents is maintained here, and, with the ubiquitous Namaqualand daisies and Cape fynbos, make for fascinating photographic opportunities. Rooibos, from which the exported tea is made, was discovered in Vanrhynsdorp.


Vanrhynsdorp religion includes:
•Christian (predominantly)

Safety Tips

Vanrhynsdorp is very safe to visit with very little crime • Petty crime can occur just like any place however, so be cautious • Keep valuables out of sight in a moneybag, and don't leave valuables in your car when parked • Summer months can get very hot, so drink lots of water and don't forget to put on sunscreen


Vanrhynsdorp local transport includes:
•Minibus taxi

Travel Books

Vanrhynsdorp recommended travel books include: • Namaqualand Garden of the Gods by Freeman Patterson • Namaqualand and the Richtersveld - Nature's Spectacular Canvas - Volume 1 by Martin P Heigan and Herma van Buren-Schele • Namaqualand: A Succulent Desert by Shirley M Pierce, R.M. Cowling, Colin Paterson-Jones, and Peter Raven • Namaqualand: South African Wild Flower Guide by A. Le Roux and Western Cape Nature Conservation Board • A Traveller's Companion to Namaqualand by Esta Mostert

What To Buy

What to pack for Vanrhynsdorp holidays:
•Batteries and film for cameras
•Sunscreen and sunhat
•Comfortable clothes and shoes
•Raingear, especially in the rainy season

What To Pack

The following are some items you should remember to pack for your holiday in Ceres:
•Sunscreen and sunhat
•Loose, comfortable clothing and comfortable walking shoes
•Warm clothes for cool evenings and mild weather
•Binoculars for spotting plants and animals
•Guidebooks to the area and the wildlife
•A basic first-aid kit
•Batteries, chargers, film and/or memory sticks for cameras

When To Go

When to go to Vanrhynsdorp? The following are seasonal activities:
•Summer is very hot, particularly in the nearby Karoo.
•Winter can be chilly.
•The best time to visit Ceres is in Spring, when the winter rains have led to the sprawling fields of wildflowers, and the temperature is mild enough to enjoy the more arid parts, too.


Large Vanrhynsdorp wildlife can be seen, including Burchell's zebra and the antelope species, ranging from Spingbok to Bontebok are at home on the plains and hills while other smaller animals include the dassie (rock hyrax), yellow mongoose, rock rabbit, Cape hare, striped polecat, aardwolf, antbear, black-backed jackal, caracal and Cape porcupine. Tortoises and chameleons are hidden by heavy camouflage, but are also in abundance.


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