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Sutherland Budget Travel

Sutherland budget travel offers a chance to explore a sleepy town in the heart of the Karoo in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. The town has become famous for its excellent star gazing opportunities, and is home to the South African Astronomical Observatory. Here you will be able to witness the many wonders that lie in the huge expanse of sky above with powerful telescopes, ensuring an educational and highlight fascinating glimpse into the stars and planets in our solar system.

Sutherland Budget Safaris

While star gazing is one of the main highlights of the town, Sutherland budget safaris offer so much more to enjoy. Very close to Sutherland lies the Tankwa-Karoo National Park, where a range of bird species can be found alongside rare wildlife species such as the endangered aardvark. Plantlife in the park comes to life after rainfall, turning the area into a carpet of blooming vegetation. Sheep farms and tulip farms can also be explored to learn more about the products farmed in Sutherland.

For those who wish to explore the cultural side to Sutherland, a walk through the town offers an experience of another kind, with the unique corbel houses, a museum and many quaint farm stalls and coffee shops to see. With friendly locals who are always willing to welcome visitors with some fresh coffee and local delicacies, and plenty of chances to relax and unwind, Sutherland is an excellent stopover on any South Africa budget travel adventure.

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