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Martins Drift Budget Travel

Martins Drift is a border post situated in between South Africa and Botswana.

Martins Drift budget travel is ideal and central as a stopover on South Africa and Botswana backpacking tours.

Martins Drift Budget Safaris

Martins Drift is essentially a border post, however it is ideal for stopovers in between South Africa and Botswana, and has a number of options suitable for budget travel.

It is also an important spot for the mining of diamonds, which is an important sector of the Botswanan economy.

Five diamond-rich kimberlite pipes were identified at Martins Drift, and the Botswana government gave DiamonEx mining rights to the area. This was at a time when Botswana's diamond wealth seemed to have dried up, so the discovery of the Martins Drift site brought huge relief to the diamond mining industry.

Aside from mining, Martins Drift budget safaris offer a range of attractions in the area including bird watching, camping, hiking and walking.

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