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Ceres Budget Travel

Ceres budget travel is easy, offering a host of things to see and do. The picturesque town of Ceres is in a lush valley about 170km from Cape Town, and is the hub of South Africa’s premier fruit-growing industry. The town is surrounded by lush orchards and impressive mountains, whose peaks are capped in snow for a short period in winter. Local and international visitors can expect to spend time exploring the local fruit farms and vineyards, and enjoying the beautiful walks and trails in this green valley. Ceres is popular with adventurers and ecotourists, for the canyons and cliffs in surrounding mountains, and the lush vegetation and magnificent views. The town attracts visitors when the snowfalls decorate the slopes, and is ideal for experiencing one of the greenest parts of South Africa while enjoying local hospitality and cuisine.

Ceres Budget Safaris

Ceres budget safaris are very easy, and are packed with local attractions and highlights. Ceres is incredibly beautiful the whole year round, and is renowned for its export quality fruits and fruit juices.  Below is useful information to help you prepare for your Ceres adventure.

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