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Augrabies National Park Budget Travel

Situated along the Orange River, Augrabies National Park budget travel offers a glimpse into the beauty and diversity of the ancient Augrabies Falls.

Called ‘Aukoerebis’ by the Khoi people, which means the place of the Great Noise, Augrabies is rich in bird, wildlife and spectacular scenery. The falls themselves thunder downwards for 60 metres, with rocky outcrops and unspoiled plains surrounding them. Notable features within the park include Moon Rock and Echo Corner, while the viewing points of Oranjekom and Ararat offer exceptional views of the falls thundering below as well as wildlife found within the park.

Augrabies National Park Budget Safaris

Augrabies National Park budget safaris allow you to view a wide range of wildlife that can be found within the park. Large predators such as leopard, African wild cat, black backed jackals and caracal, with other game that can be seen including rhino, springbok, klipspringer, Cape clawless otter and pale giraffe.

Birdlife is equally abundant, with a large number of birds of prey such as Black, Booted, Marcial and African fish eagles, kites and buzzards, along with flamingo, stork and many other fascinating species.

With vast landscapes dotted with giant kokerboom (quiver trees), beautiful rock formations and the deafening thunder of the falls, Augrabies National Park ensures a memorable safari destination in the heart of South Africa.

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