The Kalpalli Cemetery

This cemetery is located in Bangalore and has spread over a large area. It is located near the old Madras road, and people noticed that an older man is singing near the Graves at the midnight hour. Many people have also reported ghosts and activities while passing the cemetery. It is so scary that even guards don’t go near the grave down the evening.

Terra Vera

It is a famous house located in central midwest Bangalore. It is one of the scariest places in the city.

Terra Vera is located in St mark road and has been designed by EJ Vaj in 1943. He had two daughters Dolce and Vera, and he loved both of them very much.

One day dolce was brutally murdered by an intruder. After the death, Vera moved out and shifted. After some time, it was mentioned an abandoned property. Later on, after many years, some people tried getting in but came out with nothing, no photos, and videos as there cameras couldn’t capture anything.

The house has abandoned cars and furniture, which can be seen through the front image of the house. People also mentioned they heard noises and scary sounds.

The Call Center at M.G Road

Bangaluru is officially called India’s silicon valley and is a hub for all software and the I.T department. It is said that a woman got hit by a drunk driver, and the guy left without even looking back. She died while being on the road, screaming and shouting for help. People have reported that people still hear the scream of women in the same spot and area. Its located in central Bengaluru and visited by millions of people a month. People said that they have been listening to voices every night.

Victoria Hospital

Victoria hospital has been there for a while now. Victoria hospital is located near the city market in Bengaluru. The hospital seems to be haunted as many officials and workers have said that spirits are working around. Way past years, they said that the incident started from the hospital’s morgue as people saw someone standing over some dead bodies and looking over them.

Guards of the hospital also reported the same issues. The most important thing about the course in Victoria hospital is that they don’t hurt or torment any people down there they only steal food. Officials also said that they put the number of four items in a room and then kept it for a day after some hours when the cheque date at least half the food was gone even though nobody went into the room. The hospital went viral and is a great spot to visit by youngsters as youngsters love ghost stories and scary places.

Bangalore International Airport

The KEMPEGOWDA international airport in Bangalore is a rush space in central Bangalore, and people usually travel through that airport. Millions of people go by an airport in a month, but, unusually, none of them reported any ghost or paranormal activities. Well, Bangalore international airport is in the trends as it is said to be a haunted airport. Passengers and officials said that they see some white women wearing a saree.

She disappears when someone goes close to her. It is said that cargo boys or the workers in the cargo section also have seen the ghost or the woman in white saree running down the lobby. Not even workers or passengers, even the pilot of air Asia saw that a woman was running on the runway.

While checking on infrared images, there is some heatwave produced near the airport in the cargo section. People do believe that ghosts exist in the Bangalore international airport.

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