Best Internal Blu-Ray Drives

Undoubtedly, science and technology have made the life of every human being easier and simpler. From pins to cars to the field of electronics, science has never failed to prove it’s superiority. The computer is one of the best creation by scientists. The computer has brought the entire world in a single room. From the speed, accuracy to internet facility everything can be accessed via computer. The best part of any computer is the storage capacity. The computer with a large storage capacity attracts the customer as compared to the computer with a low storage capacity. Keeping each and every facility in mind, the computer has proved to be one of the best inventions so far.

But, if you have a computer, then how about planning an HD movie with your friends? No doubt, the movie can be the best late-night hang out with your best friends forever. Normally, the movie video is something okay but if you want to experience something great while sitting in your room then movie quality in HD is perfect. But how to watch an HD movie on the computer having low storage capacity? Don’t fear if science is here. With the help of science and technology and of course, innovative and creative thinking, scientists have solved even this low storage issue. Blu-Ray has been designed to solve this issue. Let us know more about this invention.

Blu-ray:- Definition

If you know what is a DVD then understanding Blu Ray is easy. A Blu Ray is nothing but a disc which is developed to display HD videos and storage a huge amount of data. It is the upgraded version of DVD or in other words, you can say that it is the successor of the DVD. The blue laser has 405 nm wavelength that focuses more dominantly as compared to red laser used in writable DVD.

Features of Blu-ray Disc

If science has created something then definitely it has some importance. Similarly, the blu-ray disc also has its significance. Everything is mentioned below. Read it out.

  1. The storage capacity of the Blu-ray disc is the biggest feature.
  2. It has enhanced network or internet connectivity.
  3. The speed is awesome and fast.
  4. It has the ability to store and transfer data from one device to another.

There are many more features of blu-ray disc that makes it different from other internal storage devices. From storage capacity to speed is like a cherry on the cake.

Types of Blu-ray Disc

There are only two types of Blu-ray discs available. They are BD-R means one-time writable disc media and BD-RE means rewritable Blu-ray media disc.

Blu-ray Recordable, also known as BD-R is a two direct to disc optical disc recording technologies that can be recorded on to on a recordable disc recorder. These types of discs can be written to only once. The least speed at which a Blu-ray disc can be written is approximately 4 megabytes per second.

Blu-ray Re-writable, also known as BD-RW is an optical disc which can store up to 20-25GB, HD videos and music. This disc is good for backing up videos and music.

Interesting Facts about Blu-ray

  1. The usage of a blue-violet laser to read and write data has confirmed the term Blu-ray internal storage device.
  2. A single layer disc can store maximum up to 25GB of data whereas a dual-layer disc can store up to 50 GB of data. It means 5 times more the storage capacity of a traditional DVD.
  3. 8-9 hours of HD video can be stored in a 50 GB blu-ray disc.
  4. 20-21 hours of the standard video also known as SD video can be stored in a 5gb blu-ray.
  5. The spelling of Blue in Blu-ray is not a spelling mistake. The letter ‘e’ of blu was removed so that the term blu-ray could be registered as it’s a trademark.

The major differences between Blu-ray and DVD

  1. A DVD shows the standard definition movie video up to 480p resolution whereas Blu-ray disc shows HD movies up to 1080p resolution.
  2. A DVD holds maximum up to 9GB of data whereas a Blu-ray has a capacity of 50GB storage.
  3. A DVD can be played in PC and disc player having Blu-ray drive but a Blu-ray disc cannot be played on the computer having standard definition DVD drives or DVD players.

Hence, now you have come across about the ABCD of Blu-ray drives. The fantastic features provided by a Blu-ray disc is highly commendable. The huge storage capacity of 50GB is great for movie lovers who love to enjoy HD movies on their computer during their weekends. The speed and network connectivity also add more flavour to the features. The two types of Blu-ray discs that is, Blu-Ray disc Recordable and Blu-Ray disc Re-Writable, both have different features which is already mentioned above.

While purchasing a technological device make sure they have a good feature. Always check the features of the disc mentioned in the feature column. In this highly competitive era, there are many companies that launch an upgraded version of their current device. Think wisely, choose smartly. Always check what kind of storage disc is supported by your computer. It is clear that there is no problem without a solution. And especially, in this scientific era, where landing to Mars is possible then undoubtedly a 50GB Blu-ray disc is just a trailer of the technology.…

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Things to Check Before Buying a Digital Piano

Before buying a digital piano one should know about “The piano” if he has just started learning it. A digital piano is a type of electronic keyboard which serves as an alternative to the acoustic piano both in the way sound is produced and it feels to play. Digital piano use recorded samples from the acoustic piano which afterwards are amplified through the internal loudspeakers.

It became a good alternative because of being smaller, less weight than acoustic, cheaper and travel-friendly etc other advantage is that it doesn’t need tuning and we can modify its tuning to match other instruments tuning also.

Before buying a digital piano one must know that it is a complicated machine and there are some important factors you must check before buying one for yourself.

Type of piano:-

The first important question you must ask yourself, “what type of piano do I need” read carefully I write,… do I need not …do I want because you should buy according to your experience or skills. So as you about to start then you need a basic, low budget one with some learning tools so you can reach up to intermediate level while practising and as an intermediate or advanced you have to be very selective about the piano you should consider its touch, you should be careful about the sensitivity. Etc.

There are 5 types of digital piano:-

  1. Home piano:- these are 88 key digital pianos designed for home use, they have inbuilt stands and speakers.
  2. Upright piano:- it is like a smaller version of Grand piano the strings are vertical means the frame is compact but taller.
  3. Stage piano:- these are used for session works, are more compact and are compatible with various stands and inputs/ outputs.
  4. Portable piano:- these are light weights and easy to carry around.
  5. Grand piano:- like its name it is big and is a type of luxury and used for grandiose aesthetics.

2. Key action:-

As an intermediate who is using the piano for some time, then you have heard or know about “weighted” it means the feel of resistance of key action.

most digital pianos have some form of a weighted key, they offer a real piano experience, type of weighted keys are as follows:-

  1. Non-weighted keys:- cheap digital pianos normally have lightweight keys and little resistance.
  2. Semi-weighted keys:– it is a step towards a realistic feeling, more resistance than non-weighted because of the spring action mechanism.
  3. Hammer keys:- it is a type of replication if you want a good feel of the piano, it is achieved by weighted leverage to add extra resistance.

3. Sound:-

Sound is the main and biggest point while choosing a piano for you because music instrument is nothing but crap without a good quality sound one of the advantages of modern digital piano is that they feel very similar to acoustic piano and also offer for more sounds, the number of sounds are different depending on their brand and prices like mini affordable pianos offer handful sounds and medium level pianos will offer a little more choices example orchestra, organ etc.


Modern Digital pianos have different types of connectivity some of the connections are as follows:-

  1. Bluetooth:- It is the simplest of wireless connectivity, digital pianos are compatible with Bluetooth. It allows connection to smartphones.
  2. USB:- it will allow you to directly connect to the computer, it is a handy tool for practising.
  3. MIDI:- it is the universal digital language of music, information on pitch, velocity, volume etc is carried by MIDI signal. Because it is universal, it works with many apps.
  4. XLR:- it is a standard microphone connection, because of its loss of quality is avoided and you get a clear sound.


Digital pianos have a weight ranging from 10 kilograms to 120 kilograms. Portable and stage pianos are lighter whereas home and upright pianos are heavier because of the features they have. Weights should be considered before buying a piano because space depends on them heavier the piano more space it will take.


Since the digital piano is a resemblance to the account stick piano in sound quality and in design so it is a good investment and its price range is from rupees 1000 to 100000, yes depend on its features.

These are some checklist before buying a digital piano and I am sure while considering this list you will get a piano of your type so so keep learning and keep practising.…

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