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Himba Village Budget Travel

The Himba tribes live in traditional mud villages in the Kakoaland region of Namibia.

These beautiful, simple villages are a memorable and enriching experience, and Himba Village budget travel stops will be a highlight of any Namibian tour.

Himba Village Budget Safaris

Himba Village budget safaris are very low cost, making it ideal for budget travel. Usually, the visit is included during a tour of the region.

The most important thing for travellers to remember is respect – the villages are very rural, and have been living a traditional, cultural way of life for many years. Visitors are welcome in the villages; however a tourism boom could affect the way of life many of these tribes have, so visitors should always be respectful and observe rather than interfere.

Traditionally, the Himba tribes wear beautiful jewellery, loin clothes, goat skin skirts and men and women smear a mixture of rancid butter, ash and ochre to protect their skin from the harsh desert sun.

Highlights include traditional dances, fire ceremonies and local handicraft, and if visitors are lucky they may be able to taste traditional Himba dishes.

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