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Caprivi Strip Budget Travel

Wedged between mainland Namibia in the west, Botswana in the east and south and Zambia and Angola to the north, the Caprivi Strip is Namibia’s only access to the Zambezi River which was thought of as an important potential trading route with Eastern Africa.

This proved not to be viable with the Victoria Falls, various rapids and un-navigable parts of the river showing the impossibility of the task.

Strange geography aside, the Caprivi Strip is one of the most beautiful regions in Africa, and Caprivi Strip budget travel tours are highly recommended on any Namibia tour.

Caprivi Strip Budget Safaris

Historically the Caprivi Strip played a strategic part in various conflicts in the region, but today this region is better known for its large wildlife population and natural resources.

Recovering slowly from years of war and poaching in the area, the Caprivi Strip now boasts 70% of all the recorded bird species to be found in all of Namibia.

With such a rich natural heritage and an array of bird life and game to be seen, Caprivi Strip budget safaris are highly recommended.

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