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Brandberg Budget Travel

Brandberg is an area in the Erongo Region of Namibia with a population of about 10, 184. Brandberg budget travel gives you a chance to explore this stunning region.

Brandberg also known as Daures, and is home to the tallest mountains in Namibia.

Brandberg Budget Safaris

Located in Damaraland, the beautiful Brandberg Mountains are situated in the north-western Namib Desert and Brandverg budget safaris are ideal for travellers with a love for nature.

The granite of Brandberg Mountain contains the mineral called feldspar, which is pinkish in colour. During sunrise and sunset the slopes sometimes takes an almost blood red colour.

For that reason the mountains were named Brandberg, which is the Afrikaans and German word for ‘Fire Mountain’.

To the San (Bushman), the Brandberg is a spiritual site and has great significance for their tribes. The White Lady bushman rock painting is located on a rock face featuring other art work and is a huge main attraction for world travellers.

Reaching The White Lady takes a hike of about 40 minutes over rough terrain, along the gorge of the dry Tsisab River.

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