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About Benguerra Islands

Benguerra Islands are situated in the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique. Benguerra Islands is the ideal tropical paradise getaway for sun loving budget travelers.


Benguerra Islands HIV/AIDS is a serious epidemic, with an extremely high rate of 12.5% in adults of 15 years and older. This amounts to an estimated 1,400,000 people living with HIV or AIDS, with a death rate of 81,000 by the end of 2007. About 58% of HIV/AIDS cases occurs in women, while the child AIDS numbers show a shocking 100,000 children of 15 years or younger.


Benguerra Islands airports include the following:
•Vilanculos Airport


Benguerra Islands birdlife includes some 120 varieties, including Crab Plover, Olive Bee-Eater, Green Coucal and the Narina Trogon. Bird watchers are able to see an array of colourful forest, wetlands and coastal species in some of the country's most beautiful and diverse habitats.


Benguerra Islands was declared a National Park in 1971, and as such, Beguerra conservation is a vital part of protecting and preserving the precious habitats within the island. A number of rare species of plants, birds and wildlife can be found, and another key area is Pansy Island, which is a unique breeding ground for the legendary pansy shell.


Benguerra Islands cultures are influenced by the following:
•The island has a very peaceful atmosphere
•Cuisine and food play a key role in social events and festivals
•Art is a key part of tribal cultures
•Architecture and buildings are heavily influenced by colonial eras
•Customs and traditions are a blend of African and Portuguese influences


Benguerra Islands health is typical of any African country, with health facilities ranging from average to poor. Malaria is rife in many areas, and other health risks include untreated water, cholera, Rift Valley Fever and plague. Take a first aid kit and vitamins, and follow basic health precautions to ensure that you stay healthy on your island travels.


Benguerra Islands inoculations include:
•Hepatitis A
•Yellow Fever (if coming from an infected area)


Benguerra Islands languages include the following:
•Portuguese (official language)


Benguerra Islands malaria medication includes the following:
•Mefloquine (Lariam)
•Atovaquone/proguanil (Malarone)


•US Dollars and South African Rands are widely accepted in nearby Vilanculos
•Travellers cheques can be exchanged at most banks, major hotels or airports
•There are a number of ATMs in Vilanculos, however these are not always safe so be cautious about withdrawing cash
•Credit cards are accepted at some major hotels or restaurants but not all
•Banking hours in Vilanculos are Monday to Friday from 07h30 to 15h30


Benguerra Islands people include the following groups:


Benguerra Islands local phrases in Portuguese include:
•Hello - Hola
•Goodbye - Atlogo
•How much? - Cuanto custa?
•Thank-you - Obrigado
•How are you? - Como esta?
•I am fine - Muito bem obrigado


Benguerra Islands plant life consists of forest, savanna and wetland eco-systems, with palm trees lining the shores and a number of crops such as sweet potatoes grown around the interior of the island. Flowering plants such as bougainvillea and hibiscus, plus leafy ferns and trees can also be found across the island.

Safety Tips

•Remember that the island is a protected area, and have respect for plant, bird and animal life
•Do not attempt to scuba dive without a PADI qualification, dive masters are available around the island who offer courses
•Be careful when swimming or snorkelling around the sandbanks as water can get deep without warning
•The island has very little crime and is safe to visit
•It is mostly safe to walk around after dark, however just to be sure women should not walk alone

Travel Books

Benguerra Islands recommended travel books include:
•Getaway Guide to Mozambique: And Its Offshore Islands by Mike Copeland
•Mozambique: The Bradt Travel Guide by Philip Briggs and Mark Whittington
•Wild Seas, Secret Shores of Africa by Thomas Peschak
•Lonely Planet Southern Africa by Deanna Swaney, Mary Fitzpatrick, Paul Greenway and Andrew Stone
•Mozambique Lonely Planet Country Guide by Mary Fitzpatrick

Visa Requirements

•The best time to visit Mozambique is from March to September
•The coolest months are from May to November
•Cyclone season runs from November to April and weather is very bad during these months, with frequent flooding
•November to March are the hottest months of the year
•During Christmas, Easter and August the area is filled with tourists, often from neighbouring South Africa


Benguerra Islands wildlife mostly consists of marine species, with a large number of fish including Spanish mackeral, natal snoek, bonito, king fish, tuna and sailfish as well as dolphin, whale, sharks, manta rays and turtles. Other species of wildlife include monkeys as well as reptiles such as snakes and lizards.


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