Its noticed reported that the spirit of a lady ‘rose’ is assumed to be in the office building.

‘Rose’ was a young and energetic employee. Who was employed here and went missing- reported by former employees. By the inquiry from the HR department. It’s seen later that rose died eight years ago.

When the office staff was amazed about Rosa not coming to the work for a while now, human resources went to her apartment, which she rented. They reach space and ask the landlord what happened to the girl who is living here then.

The Landowner replied that no girl or no one was using the apartment for a while now. It’s been one year since he has rented it to anyone. While the office people were amazed, the research went further and rosed their hometown when they reached. They found that Rosa was dead for eight years, which was a shock to them, and then they looked at the photos and inquired more about how she died and how she looked. Parents were astonished when they heard about rose working in a BPO office.

The story made to headlines, and many filmmakers tried to film it, but it was impossible due to families’ issues. It later came to know this building is on a former graveyard. The BPO office is famous and mostly documented by filmmakers.

Delhi Cantonment

It is mentioned as one of the scariest spaces in old Delhi and mentioned in blogs and posts as it became a trend and unique space for youngsters. Delhi Cantonment is famous among photographers due to its aesthetic features. People noticed that area has scary features.

While visiting the space or going through it by the vehicle, Delhi’s people have seen or encountered a woman at odd hours who ask for a ride, and then sit with them and then disappear in the night while they were riding. It is said that this place is famous for ghost hunting, and most youngsters and videographers usually do it.

Malcha Mahal

Mlacha mahal is one of the scariest places that you can encounter in eastern Delhi. It has said to be having a ghost of the princess of the same castle. The ghost stories are famous from older times as well. People say that even Britishers noticed that there is something paranormal or weird going through space. It now comes under the Dehli Government and is mostly visited by youngsters and photographers.

Agrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen ki baoli is one of the most visited haunted places in Delhi. It was built by Maharaja garden and is a beautiful spot that most people visit. It is located in the middle of Delhi and has more crowds than any other space on this list.

The baoli is said to be the most haunted place in Delhi and said that it had black water, which has Hypnotic properties and said to be the water of the devil. It now comes under government and is free to charge, but people are not allowed to visit in the night due to some of the cases that happened there, which have killed two people who committed suicide after visiting the Agrasen ki baoli at night.

The baoli is famous among the youngsters as it is a great space to do a photoshoot or chill. If you are on a ghost trip, the baoli should be on your bucket list. It is located in KG Marg, which is in Central Delhi and has various features that attract tourists and localities.

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