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Accommodated Tours in Marrakech

Our handpicked selection of Marrakech accommodated tours include a number of camping alternatives. Accommodations include low budget hotels, hostels, backpackers, pensions and occasionally guesthouses. If comfort is more important than luxury, then our accommodated overland tours are the ideal way to experience Marrakech from a comfortable, safe base.

About Accommodated Overland Tours Marrakech

You can expect to sleep in very basic but comfortable rooms on your Marrakech accommodated tour. You will most likely share rooms and bathrooms on your budget accommodated overland tour, and upgrades may sometimes be possible if space is available. Meals and relaxation are enjoyed on a communal basis, often in the traditional Moroccan way, and traditional cuisine may also be on offer at some accommodations.

Marrakech Accommodated Overland Tours

Accommodated tours in Marrakech are the ideal compromise for those who don't enjoy camping, but don't expect luxury living on overland adventures. Having a comfortable base to explore the area from is a major advantage, and at the end of a long day, you have a good chance of a hot shower at most of the accommodations - even if you may have to wait your turn. Marrakech accommodated tours are also great for a community spirit, and you will get to meet a wide range of visitors to this fascinating town.

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