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Fez Budget Travel

Fez budget travel offers a chance to explore this Moroccan gem. The capital city for more than 400 years boasts the oldest university of the country, and is the leading religious centre.

Fez is said to be the largest and oldest city in the world. Fez was founded in 789 and has gone through periods of hardships and has prospered to have its own culture, art, pride and their own cuisine.

This fascinating city is rich in ancient culture, and is a stopover not to be missed on any Moroccan backpacking tour.

Fez Budget Safaris

Fez has kept its authentic look and feel, with narrow streets and architecture; people of the area still prefer to use donkeys and mules.

Fez has a few shops that stock the basics for budget travel supplies. A tiny grocery store sells sugar, tea, tins and Coca Cola.
The food you will sample on Fez budget safaris is excellent and has some of Morocco's finest restaurants. While popular restaurants offer great dishes, food stalls should also be tried as they often have the best and tasty food, even if it is fairly simple.

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