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Casablanca Budget Travel

Casablanca is essentially the capital of Morocco and is also known as Casa or Dar el Baida. Casablanca budget travel is one of the top experiences to enjoy in North Africa.

Casablanca was established in 1906 and has a population of over 3 million people. The name is Spanish for white (blanca) and house (casa) and is the largest city in Morocco and the sixth biggest city in Africa.

Casablanca Budget Safaris

Casablanca is a modern city and beautiful in its own respect. Casablanca is clean and efficient and with its big, lively boulevards, high, white and well-kept buildings, the city centre is fairly impressive.

With its famous romantic reputation, Casablanca budget safaris have a lot to offer visitors.

There is a good market in the city, with highly skilled shop keepers selling a wide range of beautiful items. Casablanca is one of the better places in Morocco to buy something nice and different.

Ain Diab is a small beach side suburb which is hugely popular. Mostly people go to the beach clubs in this area, which have saltwater pools, restaurants and cafes with a range of prices to suit all budgets.

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