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Timbuktu Budget Travel

Timbuktu budget travel offers a fascinating glimpse into one of Mali’s most famous and interesting destinations.

The term ‘Timbuktu’ is often used as a broad definition of some very far away place, and the allure of this town has also played a part in its mystique.

Not easily accessible, and one of the poorest towns in the world, Timbuktu is steeped in legend and folklore, offering many ancient rituals plus unique mosques, markets and houses.

Timbuktu Budget Safaris

As the area surrounding Timbuktu is not always safe, Timbuktu budget safaris offer a safe and easy way to explore the many wonders that the town has to offer. While the town is not very large, it has its own small airport, along with a thriving market, smaller market, three mosques, a few museums and nearby salt fields.

Visitors can also look forward to a desert adventure with a Tuareg guide, on the back of a camel. There is also a festival held annually, which offers even more insight into the nomadic culture of the desert tribes.

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