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Mopti Budget Travel

Mopti budget travel offers the chance to explore ‘Africa’s Venice’ – an important tourism and commercial hub in the heart of Mali.

Mopti is most famous for its vibrant, busy markets that bring traders from all over the country to flog their wares in this popular tourist town. A browse through the markets offers the chance to find a huge number of items, from fresh seafood and local delicacies all the way through to curios, clothing and other goods.

Mopti Budget Safaris

Mopti budget safaris also offer the opportunity to explore additional attractions in Mali, with many tours including other destinations along the Niger River Route such as Dejenne.

The Niger River is the source of many towns within Mali, and a boat trip along the river boasts plenty of fascinating sights. Other attractions to see in the town include the bustling Mopti port, where fishing boats and other sights can be seen, along with landmarks such as Komoguel mosque (the second largest mosque in Mali),  Centre d'Artisanat des Femmes, which is where local female artists make and sell a range of items and  Songhay Shop Art Club, an excellent shop to purchase locally made jewellery and clothing.

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