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Bandiagara Budget Travel

Bandiagara is a tribal city in Mali, in the Dogon Country. Bandiagara is home to a few cohabiting ethnic groups, which include the Fulas, Dogons, Bambaras and the Malinké.

Legend has it that Bandiagara was founded in 1770 by Nangabanu Tembély, a Dogon hunter. The area is most famous for its Dogon Cliffs, which is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For travellers seeking to experience traditional cultures and an untouched civilisation, Bandiagara budget travel tours are highly recommended.

Bandiagara Budget Travel

There is no infrastructure or public transport in Bandiagara. There are also no hotels, restaurants or tourist offices. Travellers will need a Dogon guide to take them to visit the area, to avoid upsetting the local community.

Small villages made of mud are dotted along the cliffs, with baobab clusters and even clay mosques.

For Bandiagara budget safari travellers seeking an unforgettable experience visiting a city untouched by tourism or development, with breathtaking cliffs and rock formations, a trip to Bandiagara is sure to be a highlight of any Mali Overland Tour.

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