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Accommodated Tours in Lake Malawi

Our selection of budget accommodated tours in Malawi have a range of alternatives to traditional camping. The most common accommodation options in this area are backpackers and hostels which can be found in every town and village along the lake shores. If comfort is a priority but you don't mind sharing with fellow travellers then accommodated overland tours will be the perfect alternative to camping.

About Accommodated Overland Tours Lake Malawi

Accommodations in the Lake Malawi area are fairly basic and often rather primitive - especially in the smaller villages. On your Lake Malawi accommodated tour expect shared rooms, most often dorm style sleeping anything from 4 to 8, with shared bathrooms and no bedding. If you're lucky there will be fans in the room - but mostly the rooms are clean and comfortable, even if they are a bit bare.

Lake Malawi Accommodated Overland Tours

Occasionally it is possible to upgrade rooms on Lake Malawi accommodated tours, but this depends on space availability. Meals and relaxation are enjoyed communal-style and you will get to meet a range of boarders from all over the world, as well as locals - which adds a great feeling of community and is a highlight of accommodated overland tours.

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