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Antsirabe Budget Travel

A highlight of any Madagascar tour is Antsirabe budget travel tours, which are filled with legend and a number of beautiful lakes.

Known as a spa town, Antsirabe is in central Madagascar. It lies on the foothills of Tsiafajavona, the country’s second highest slope.  There are a number of thermal baths and warm springs in Antsirabe, which were especially popular in the 19th century.

Antsirabe Budget Safaris

Antananarivo budget safaris offer mystery, island traditions and much more.

A highlight of Antsirabe travel is the Tritrivia Lake, where legend has it two lovers decided to jump in the river and die after their families forbid their marriage. The ill-fated lovers are reported to be reincarnated as two trees in an embrace on the river's bank. The lake is a clear sapphire blue, surrounded by fur trees.

Other attractions to enjoy include the thermal springs and baths at Lac Andraikiba, with its warm water.

Antsirabe produces a number of key items including Tiko (milk and other food products), Star Brasseries (beverages), Cotona (textiles) and Kobama (grain).

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