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Andasibe National Park Budget Travel

Situated in the foothills of the eastern escarpment of Madagascar, Andasibe National budget travel allows you to explore the Park’s rainforest which is home to a vast species biodiversity including many endemic rare species and endangered species, not to mention 11 lemur species.

The Park is also home to geckos, chameleons, Mouse Lemurs and many more interesting and somewhat strange inhabitants, making it the ideal backpacking tour destination for nature lovers.

Andasibe National Park Budget Safaris

Andasibe National Park budget safaris offer wildlife, scenery and more. The park has a very humid climate and it rains there for approximately 210 days of the year. The park is one of the only places where travellers can see the largest living lemur, the Indri.

Legend has it that the Indri gave birth to the entire human race and in the Malagasy language the Indri is called Babakoto meaning ‘Father of Koto’. Locals know it is extremely bad luck to kill an Indri as an old story tells that the boy Koto climbed a tree to collect wild honey and was severely stung by bees. Losing his grip he fell, but was caught by an Indri who carried him on its back to safety.

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