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Leptis Magna Budget Travel

Leptis Magna was a prominent city of the Roman Empire, with its ruins located in Al Khums in Libya, 130 km east of Tripoli.

Now declared a UNISCO World Heritage Site, Leptis Magna budget travel is a must-visit on any Libya overland tour, and offers a glimpse at some of the best-preserved Roman ruins on the planet.

Leptis Magna Budget Safaris

Leptis Magna budget safaris give you the chance to explore some of the most fascinating ancient ruins in the world, with a large number of well-preserved ruins including the Roman Amphitheatre, Hadrian Bath, Severan Basillica, market place and the Roman Theatre, which is still in use.

There is also a museum, the Leptis Magna Museum, which has a range of relics and artefacts dating back to the town’s origins and various stages of history, plus beautiful Mediterranean beaches which are good for a dip in between sightseeing excursions.

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