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Maseru Budget Travel

Maseru is the capital of and largest city in Lesotho, and is situated on the north western border of South Africa.

Although there isn't a huge deal to see in this town, Maseru budget travel is ideal for stopping here at the start of backpacking tours in Lesotho to stock up before venturing further in where there are very few shops.

Maseru Budget Safaris

Maseru is a small, mostly quiet city, with not much to do – but it is perfect as a rest-stop and there are a number of cheap accommodation options and supplies available, making it ideal for budget travel.

Maseru budget safaris have a range of attractions which include the Mokorotlo mud hut building, which acts as a museum where visitors can learn about the Basotho cultures and the shopping area of Thetsane is vibrant and busy, and many items can be purchased in this area.

There are also a number of restaurants, golf courses, bars, tennis courts and various activities such as hiking, walking, and day tours to surrounding areas to be enjoyed in Maseru.

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