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Aqaba Budget Travel

Aqaba budget travel offers a unique opportunity to explore the desert and the sea, as Jordan’s premier coastal resort. Aqaba is to the deep south of Jordan on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, and boasts coral reefs and beautiful beaches. It is the summer playground for Jordanians, but is also a strategic industrial hub as a port. Aqaba also has a rich historical, architectural and archaeological heritage, being close to the borders of Israel and Egypt. From Aqaba, it is easy to explore the nearby desert, including stunning landscapes and other popular destinations.

Aqaba Budget Safaris

As the home of one of the most travel friendly and peaceful seaside resorts in the Middle East, Aqaba budget safaris are ideal for travellers wanting to explore the wonders of the Middle East. Aqaba boasts a number of excellent attractions, both cultural and natural, world-class beaches and coral reefs, to ancient ruins, traditional markets and fantastic local cuisine. These are just a few of the Aqaba travel highlights you will be able to enjoy during your Overlanding Africa.com trip.

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