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About Aqaba

Aqaba budget travel offers a stunning coastal resort situated in the south of Jordan, known for its beautiful beaches and diving, as well as its intriguing ancient history and architecture.


Aqaba airports include the following:
•King Hussein International Airport - Aqaba
•Other international airports to the North in Amman require a day trip via car or bus to reach Aqaba


The largest Aqaba conservation drive is conducted by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, which seeks to manage an increasing population, decreased habitats for natural inhabitants, pollution and other negative influences.


Aqaba culture includes the following aspects:
•Beach-going and watersports
•Sports is a popular past time, with many Jordanians enjoying watching and playing sports
•Cuisine includes a diverse range of influences
•Turkish baths are also to be experienced in the town of Aqaba
•Music takes its influence from Arabic and Western styles


Aqaba health info for travellers includes the following:
•The most common health risk is travellers tummy from rich foods or tap water
•Health facilities are advanced in the major cities, but not in rural areas
•Pack a basic first aid kit with medication for upset stomachs, nausea and other minor ailments
•Check with your doctor about any health risks or disease outbreaks that may have occurred recently before leaving for your trip


Aqaba languages include the following:
•Modern Standard Arabic
•Jordanian Levantine


While malaria in Aqaba is not a risk, there may be a malaria risk within Asia in general. Travellers who are visiting malaria-risk countries before or after travelling to Aqaba should consider malaria medication.


Aqaba money and banking info is as follows:
•Most establishments accept payment in US dollars
•Credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants and shops
•Traveller's cheques are not widely accepted and may not be exchanged even in banks
•Cash machines are found in most supermarkets, banks and other commercial buildings


Aqaba people include the following ethnic groups:


Aqaba local phrases include the following:
•Please: Men-fadllaak (m)
•Please: Men-fadllake (f)
•Hello: Marhaba
•How much: Gha-daish?
•Good morning: S-bahh Al-khair
•Good evening: Masa Al-khair


Aqaba plants are typically scarce, although garden plants and locally cultivated wildflowers do grow in the city. While coral is not a plant, seaweed and other aquatic plants are common off the coast, and are also a key part of the marine ecosystems which exist there.


Aqaba religion includes the following:
•Sunni Muslim 92%
•Christian 7%
•No religion 1%

Safety Tips

Aqaba safety tips include the following:
•There is a high risk of terrorist attacks throughout the Middle East, including Aqaba
•Avoid large crowds and demonstrations that may become violent
•For women travellers: ensure that bikinis are acceptable on the particular beach you wish to visit to avoid offending conservative locals
•The situation in Iraq has had an impact on local opinion, as has the violence between the neighbouring Israelis and Palestinians
•Crime is not a huge issue, however petty crime such as bag snatching may occur
•Keep valuables safe and out of sight, especially in the busier cities


Aqaba local transport includes:

Travel Books

Aqaba travel books include the following:
•Travels in Syria and the Holy Land by Johan Lewis Burckhardt
•Coral Reef Guide Red Sea: The Definitive Guide to Over 1200 Species of Underwater Life by Ewald Lieske
•Walking the Bible by Bruce Feiler
•A History of the Arab Peoples by Albert Hourani

What To Buy

What to buy for holidays in Aqaba:
•Spare batteries for torches and camera
•Swimming costume and towels
•Guide books and Arabic phrase books
•Thick socks for hiking boots
•First aid kit for travel purposes
•Large refillable water bottle, or plenty of bottled water

What To Pack

What to pack for safari in Aqaba:
•Sunscreen, sunhat and sunglasses
•Bathing suit and towels
•Headscarves for women, plus long skirts and t-shirts that cover shoulders
•Comfortable walking shoes plus sandals
•Camera with spare batteries and memory card/film
•Guide book and phrase book
•Basic first aid kit

When To Go

The best time to visit Aqaba:
•The best time to visit climate-wise is in Spring (March-May) and Autumn (September-November)
•April offers warm temperatures and wildflowers are in bloom during this month
•Winter (December-February) is mild, and also popular with locals as a weekend getaway to Aqaba
•Summer (June-August) can be unbearably hot, with temperatures near the desert hitting extreme levels


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