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About Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park budget travel offers the chance to explore one of Africa’s most remote and lush natural tropical forests, to see a wide number of rare and endangered species of wildlife and birds, plus countless butterflies.


Kakum National Park airport information includes:
•Accra International Airport


There are over 200 species of Kakum National Park birds to be found, with a number of forest-dwelling species, birds of prey, water birds and migratory species. Some birds you may see include parrot, bee-eaters, blue plantain-eaters, hornbills and kingfishers


As a highly protected area, Kakum National Park conservation is essential to preserve the many rare and endangered species in the park. Protection against poachers is a strong initiative, and the preservation of the park in its current natural state is also aiming to ensure that there is no development that may destroy precious habitats.


Kakum National Park cultures include the following:
•Festivals play an important role in surrounding villages
•Many local people work as tour guides in the park
•Most locals have a strong understanding of plants and animals
•Local music and dancing plays a big role in all Ghana cultures


Kakum National Park health information is as follows:
•The extreme heat during the day can cause sunstroke, so always wear hats, sunglasses and sunscreen
•Take plenty of bottled water to avoid dehydration
•Insect repellent is essential to avoid getting bitten
•Be wearing of snakes and dangerous wildlife to avoid any injury during your trip
•There are no medical facilities within the park


Kakum National Park languages include:


Kakum National Park money and banking information includes:
•There are no banks or any financial facilities within the park itself, so be prepared and withdraw cash in the nearest town or at the airport
•Foreign exchange facilities may be found at Ghana's International Airport
•Credit cards and debit cards may be accepted at some lodges and camps, but cash is usually the best option


Kakum National Park people include the following groups:


Kakum National Park local phrases in French include:
•Do you speak English? - Parlez-vous Anglais?
•I don't understand - Je ne comprends pas
•Hello - Bonjour
•Goodbye - Au revoir
•Thank you - Merci


Kakum National Park plants are rich and varied, with the most common type of plants found being moist evergreen forest vegetation and tall hard wood trees. Many other tropical forest plants can be seen in the park, including large ferns and other beautiful plant species.


Kakum National Park religion includes the following:
•Traditional religions practiced by rural villages and forest dwelling tribes

Safety Tips

Kakum National Park safety tips include:
•Walking and hiking in the park should be done carefully
•Sun protection is essential to prevent sunstroke or sunburn
•While there are no major safety risks, be aware that the area is remote so healthcare facilities may not be easily available
•Do not wander around the park alone, especially on the canopy walkways


Kakum National Park local transport options include:
•Walking is usually the only way to navigate the park, usually via canopy walkways or hiking trails

Travel Books

Kakum National Park recommended travel books include:
•Ghana, 5th (Bradt Travel Guide) by Philip Briggs
•Myth and Reality in the Rain Forest: How Conservation Strategies Are Failing in West Africa by John F. Oates
•Travels in Ghana by Marie McCarthy
•Once upon a Time in Ghana: Traditional Ewe Stories Retold in English by Anna Cottrell
•Ghana (Country Explorers) by Lyn Larson

What To Buy

What to buy for Kakum National Park travel:
•Any medication you may require
•Ghana travel guide
•Ghana bird guide
•Phrase book
•Insect repellent cream
•Camping gear if planning to camp in the park

What To Pack

What to pack for Kakum National Park travel:
•Sunglasses, sunhat and sunscreen
•Comfortable clothing for hikes and nature walks, with t-shirts and shorts during the hot months and warm clothing in the winter months
•Comfortable hiking shoes with non-slip soles
•Binoculars for bird watching
•Personal items

When To Go

When to go to Kakum National Park:
•The park is ideal to visit all year round
•The climate seldom changes per season, as it is a very dense tropical rain forest


There are many species of rare and endangered Kakum National Park, including forest elephant, leopard, bonobo, large forest antelope, monkeys, buffalo, duiker, red river hog and many others. There are also over 500 species of butterfly to be found in the park, which offer incredible sights as they take to flight in a blur of colour.


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