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Lalibela Budget Travel

Lalibela is a town in northern Ethiopia. This town is one of Ethiopia's holiest cities, second only to Aksum, and is a center of pilgrimage for much of the country.

Lalibela budget travels offer a chance to explore this beautiful town with many ancient palaces and wonders, and is a highlight of any Ethiopian backpacking tour.

Lalibela Budget Safaris

With a range of things to see and do, Lalibela budget safaris offer an ideal way to experience the wonders of Ethiopia.

Lalibela is probably best-known for its stunning, ancient buildings, many of which are religious temples and churches.

The most striking places to visit are the Beta Medhane Alem, the House of the Savior of the World; Beta Ghenetta Mariam, the House of Mary; Beta Ammanuel, the House of Emanuel; Beta Ghiorghis and the House of St George.

Other attractions in the city include a large market which sells an array of items ranging from foods to curios, friendly locals and a fascinating glimpse into an ancient Medieval African city.

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