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Dinsho Budget Travel

Also called Gurie, Dinsho is a village in south-central Ethiopia. Dinsho is situated in the Bale Zone of the Oromia Region in the heart of the Bale Mountains.

Dinsho budget travel offers a chance to explore this rugged and beautiful area and is ideal for all visitors, especially for travelers who enjoy nature.

Dinsho Budget Safaris

This vast landscape is perfect for Dinsho budget safaris in beautiful Ethiopia landscapes. The raw beauty of the place is amazing, with mountains on all sides and the simple lifestyle so endearing compared to any big city.

For many years Dinsho was also the main base for the Ethiopian wolf conservation project, and some wolves can be seen near the town. They are the rarest canine in the world and exist only in the Bale and Simien mountains.

If your Ethiopian Overland Tour stops at Dinsho then you should know that the Bale Mountains Nation Park is broken up into numerous volcanic plugs and peaks, stunning alpine lakes and rushing mountain streams which are refreshing for a swim after a long hike.

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