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Arba Minch Budget Travel

Arba Minch takes its name for the abundant local springs which produce a groundwater forest. Arba Minch budget travel offers the best way to experience Ethiopia.

Arba Minch is inhabited by the people of the Guragie, who were once nomads but are now farmers.

Tours to Arba Minch offer a glimpse into the cultures and traditions of this charming small town, with its abundant natural beauty.

Arba Minch Budget Safari

Arba Minch budget safaris explore areas such as Lake Abaya, which has volcanic origins and is almost pink in colour. There is another lake called Lake Choma in the south.

Buses and taxis are affordable and quick sources of public transport that connect the uptown and downtown parts of Arba Minch (Shecha and Sikela).

The “Festival of 1000 Stars” (shi kokeboch) is a concert that is hosted by Arba Minch annually. This event is organised by British charitable organisation One Heart and Gughe Indigenous Art & Music Association.

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