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About England

England is world-famous for its landmarks and culture. England budget travel is sure to be an experience never to be forgotten, with a wide range of attractions to see.

England Budget Travel

Below is a list of England's top destinations, click on the link to view all details and tours.


Fast Facts

Great British Pound (GBP)

Dialing Code


England HIV/AIDS is on the increase, despite first world medical and healthcare facilities, and an excellent National Healthcare System in place. Patients are largely unaware to their AIDS status, and many have not been tested which could add to the problem if these people are sexually active and not using adequate protection.


England airports include the following:
• London Heathrow Airport
• London Gatwick Airport
• Manchester Airport
• Birmingham International Airport


England birdlife is fairly diverse, and falls within a number of habitats ranging from gardens, to farmland, woodlands, moors, wetlands or coastal areas. Many species are native to England, while a number are migrating birds from Europe or surrounds. Bird watching is a highly popular activity in England, and many birds are protected.


England conservation is fairly progressive, with a large number of nature reserves, national parks, protected areas, important natural areas and Areas Of Outstanding Natural Beauty, as well as large number of animal rights groups, animal welfare groups, conservation groups and many other organisations committed to conserving England's natural habitats and species.


England cultures include the following:
• Architecture and gardens play an important role in history
• Cuisine is regarded world-wide for the simple but interesting staples
• Art has played a large role since early Renaissance days
• Literature has progressed from Shakespeare days to modern English classics
• Music plays a vital role in almost all cultures in the country


England customs allowances include the following for travelers over 17 years old:
• 200 cigarettes, 100 cigarillos, 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco
• 4 liters of still table wine
• 16 liters of beer
• 1 liter of spirits or 2 liters of fortified wine
• £340 worth of all other goods including perfume and souvenirs


With a world-class free healthcare service and a range of hospitals and medical facilities on offer, England health will not be a concern on your travels. A number of chemists and health shops can be found in almost all towns and cities, making health care simple and easy. There are also very few major diseases or health threats in the country.


England inoculations include the following:
• Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)
• Tetanus-diphtheria
• Influenza


England languages include the following:
• English
• Welsh
• Scottish Gaelic and Lowland Scots
• Cornish
• Irish
• Immigrant and foreign languages
• Sign language


England malaria facts include the following:
• Malaria is not a risk in England
• Malaria medication is not needed to travel to England, and should never be taken unnecessarily
• If you are travelling from a malaria zone you may need to continue your medication for up to a week or two after landing in England
• If travelling to a malaria zone country from England, you need to consult your GP


England money & banking info includes the following:
• The currency in England is Pounds Sterling (GBP) and pence
• Credit cards are widely accepted, except in some very rural areas
• Euros are used to some extent but not very widely
• ATMs or cash points are situated in almost every town and city
• Foreign exchange facilities can be found throughout the country


England people include the following groups:
• White 89.90%
• Asian 5.30%
• Black 2.69%
• Mixed 1.57%
• Chinese 0.68%
• Other 0.64%


England local phrases include the following:
• Cash point - ATM / STM
• All right? - Common greeting
• Cheers - Thanks / Goodbye
• Tea - Supper / Dinner
• Chemist - Pharmacy / Drug store


England plant life ranges from lush forests to woodlands, with a number of key wetlands and coastal areas found within the country. Crops are also abundant, with a number of fruit trees, grazing meadows and textile trees to be found.


A 2007 UN estimate puts England’s population at 51,092,000.


England religion groups include the following:
• Christian 71.75%
• No Religion / Other / Not Stated 22.88%
• Muslim 2.97%
• Hindu 1.06%
• Sikh 0.63%
• Jewish 0.5%
• Buddhist 0.28%

Safety Tips

England safety tips include the following:
• England is generally a safe country with a low crime rate
• Petty crime such as pick pocketing and muggings can occur however
• Keep all valuables secure and out of site
• Avoid walking alone at night, especially in remote areas like parks or subways
• Only use licensed black cabs, unlicensed cabs may drive dangerously


England local transport options include the following:
• Train
• Bus
• Taxi

Travel Books

England recommended travel books include the following:
• England For Dummies by Donald Olson
• Lonely Planet England Country Guide by David Else
• The Most Beautiful Villages of England by James Bentley
• Rick Steves' England 2009

Visa Requirements

England visa info includes the following:
• EU residents do not need a visa
• Irish residents do not need a visa
• Canadian and American residents do not need a visa
• New Zealand and Australia residents do not need a visa
• South African and all other nationals require a visa

What To Buy

What to buy for England safaris:
• Plug adaptor (US travelers) or electricity converter
• Good backpack or suitable soft luggage and a moneybag
• Camera batteries, film or memory card
• Gumboots or galoshes for wet weather
• A very up to date street map

What To Pack

What to pack for England holidays:
• Solid, comfortable walking shoes and extra pares of thick socks
• Clothes for all weather, including warm jerseys and t-shirts
• Costume and beach gear if visiting the coastal areas
• Evening wear and smart clothes for evening activities
• Rain gear as well as sun protection including sunglasses and hat

When To Go

When to go to England:
• Winters are from November to February and are cold and wet
• Snow falls at the start of end of winter
• Summers are from May to August and are hot and dry
• Rainfall occurs throughout the year
• Late April to September is the best time to visit


England wildlife is surprisingly diverse, with a large number of species to be found across the country's various habitats and eco-regions. Many large predators such as the wolf are now extinct in England; however there are a number of smaller predators as well as large number of deer, weasel family and rodents.


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