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About Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai budget travel gives you the chance to visit the legendary place where Moses received the Ten Commandments in the Bible, with beautiful scenery, ancient culture and many other highlights to enjoy.


Mount Sinai airport options include the following:
•Cairo International Airport
•Luxor International Airport
•Sharm el-Sheikh Airport


Mount Sinai conservation is extremely important, with measures put in place to ensure that the mountain is not damaged by visitors. Signs have been put up discouraging visitors from taking souvenirs from the mountain, and foot traffic is limited to worn pathways.


Mount Sinai culture includes the following aspects:
•History plays a key role in this ancient area
•Religion is also an important aspect of Mount Sinai's culture
•Egyptian culture as a whole also plays a role in the culture of this area


Egypt is generally fairly developed in African standards, but is still a third world country. Mount Sinai health is dependent on larger surrounding towns and cities, as local health care is virtually non-existent. Egypt health is therefore something to consider carefully, and a few basic precautions will ensure you have a safe, healthy travel adventure and avoid illness ruining your experience.


Mount Sinai languages include the following: • Egyptian Arabic 68% (national language) • Sa'idi Arabic 29% • Bedouin Arabic 1.6% • Sudanese Arabic 0.6% • Domari 0.3% • Nobiin 0.3% • Bedawi 0.2%


While malaria in Mount Sinai is not a risk, there may be a malaria risk within Asia and Africa in general. Travellers who are visiting malaria-risk countries before or after travelling to Mount Sinai should consider malaria medication.


Mount Sinai money and banking info is as follows: • There are no banks or facilities in Mount Sinai itself, but there are facilities in nearby towns and cities • Credit cards are accepted in major tourist areas and cities but not everywhere • Money can be exchanged fairly easily, especially in the cities and tourist areas • Travellers cheques can be exchanged at some places, at cost however • Banking hours are Sunday to Thursday from 08h30 to 14h00 • ATMs can be found almost everywhere across the main cities


Mount Sinai people include the following groups:


Mount Sinai local phrases in Egyptian Arabic include the following: • Hello - Ahlan wa sahlan • Good bye - Salam • Peace be with you (common greeting) - Salam alekum • No thank you - La shukran • Do you speak English? - Bititkalimy Englizee?


Plants in Mount Sinai are limited to hardy drought-resistant species, which may be found in cracks and fissures in the mountain. On the approach to Mount Sinai, plant life is more abundant, especially in the wadis, or valleys, which offer more shade and moisture.


Mount Sinai religion includes the following: • Islam 90% • Christianity 9% • Bahá'í 0.003% • Judaism 0.0003%

Safety Tips

Mount Sinai safety tips include the following:
•Terrorist attacks have been known to occur in high tourist focused areas
•Crime is otherwise low, but valuables should be kept safe and out of site regardless as a precaution
•Borders near Gaza, Libya and Sudan are dangerous and should be avoided
•Avoid political gatherings and street demonstrations which may turn violent
•Have respect at all times and follow local customs to avoid being targeted
•These safety tips apply when visiting Mount Sinai, as a trip to Mount Sinai involves travelling via larger cities and towns.


Mount Sinai local transport options include the following: • Car • Bus • Taxi

Travel Books

Mount Sinai recommended travel books include the following:
•Egypt: Eyewitness Travel Guide by DK Publishing
•National Geographic Traveler: Egypt 2nd Edition by Andrew Humphreys
•Globetrotter Egypt Travel Pack by Globetrotter
•Egypt Country Guide by Lonely Planet
•Walking the Bible by Bruce Feiler

What To Buy

What to buy for Mount Sinai safaris:
•Egypt guide book and language guide
•Good backpack and a decent moneybag
•Plug adapter or electricity converter
•Travel pack of soap, washing powder, wet wipes and tissues
•Insect repellent

What To Pack

What to pack for Mount Sinai safaris:
•Loose, lightweight cotton clothing with long sleeves
•Comfortable shoes, plus sandals and smart shoes
•Warm clothes, raincoat plus evening wear for going out
•First aid kit with basic supplies, plus toiletries
•Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen

When To Go

When to go to Mount Sinai:
•Peak tourist runs from mid October to May, in winter to late spring
•May to October is the hottest time but is quieter and cheaper to visit
•August is one of the hottest months and is also the most humid month
•Spring offers the best weather and runs between March and April
• The Khamsin wind season runs for 5 days in spring
•In winter, it can get very cold on the mountain at night


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