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About Savuti National Park

You'll find Savuti nestled in Chobe National Park in Botswana. The area is one of the most lush in Botswana and hordes of travellers enjoy a Savuti safari throughout the year. Botswana is known for its thriving bird life and wildlife and if that's what you're looking for, Savuti definitely isn't going to disappoint you on a safari.

Impala by obligot

Savuti has an array of buck that prance around its plains - Impala being one of them. They're often seen in herds, so you're likely to spot more than one at a time.

image by Obliot

Hornbill by obliot

This beautiful hornbill is just one of the truck-load of birds you can spot while on a safari in the Savuti area. Keep your binoculars close!

image by Obliot

Zebra by malcolm macgregor

You'll most definitely see zebra roaming around and quenching their thirst at the waterholes while on safari in the area. Remember to be very quiet when you're tracking wildlife - they spook easily - especially zebra.

Image by Malcolm Macgregor

Leopard by malcolm macgregor

The illusive member of the Big Five is hard to spot, but definitely calls Savuti home. Keep your eyes peeled and believe in your game drive guide and you may be one of the lucky ones to spot this smooth predator.

Image by Malcolm Macgregor

Lioness by malcolm macgregor

The King of the Jungle lives here! Lions, lionesses and their cubs have been known to be seen roaming around the Savuti plains.

Image by Malcolm Macgregor

If you're looking to enjoy an authentic African safari - Savuti is an area that will definitely deliver when it comes to offering you up a slice of wildlife, bird life and real African wilderness.


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